Club of Cambodian Journalists appeals for greater press freedom
Sunday, 04 May 2008 , Written by « Soun Sophalmony. »   

A club of Cambodian journalists (CCJ) spokesman used the opportunity of World Press Freedom to appeal for greater freedom in reporting, freedom of access to information and an environment free from political and economic pressures. The CCJ recorded 1 1 threats against journalists between May 3, 2007 and May 3, 2008 and seven complaints lodged against media publications in the same period. 


Cambodian media “has indispensably contributed to social change for the better” by providing news of corruption, illegal land encroachment and human rights violations, the CCJ noted. The media’s role is vital as the Jul 27 parliamentary election draws closer, the CCJ said.


The CCJ asked for effective spokesmen at ministries and institutions and rapid adoption of law allowing free access to information.

The CCJ said the working conditions and living standards of journalists should be taken into consideration as the majority of journalists receive low salaries. Most work under conditions in violation of the labor law, the club claimed, appealing for media firms to pay higher salaries.


Minister of Information Khieu Kanharith was also present at the World Press Freedom Day celebrations. He said the media sector is “solid” but journalists “must improve their capacity and respect the professional code of ethics.”


Extracted from:

-The Mekong Times , Monday, May 05, 2008, Issue No 60.

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