No.11, October 2008
Wednesday, 15 October 2008 , Written by « Pact Cambodia »   


 On Transparency International’s (TI) annual Corruption Perceptions for 2008 Cambodia scored 166 out of 180 countries ranked. Among the 32 countries in the region Asia Pacific, Cambodia was third from the bottom, with only Afghanistan and Myanmar scoring lower. The trend for Cambodia was slightly downward, as the Corruption Perceptions rank in 2006 was 2.1, in 2007 it was 2.0 and in 2008 the ranking is 1.8 on a scale from 10 (outstanding) to 0 (totally corrupt). Many observers quoted in the Cambodian press attributed the poor showing to lack of progress in passage of an anti-corruption law, resulting in a culture of impunity as officials are not punished for their involvement in land-grabbing, smuggling or other corrupt acts. There is no lack of discussion of corruption in the media – with the average number of stories in the newspapers and radio broadcasts monitored for this survey running at 565 per month. Corruption issues related to the economy covered by Cambodian media are highlighted on page 2.

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