No.09, Ausgust 2008
Wednesday, 13 August 2008 , Written by « Pact Cambodia »   


 Ten of the eleven political parties participating in the Cambodian national election on July 27 promised civil society beforehand to pass the long awaited anti-corruption law within six months after being in office. The only party that failed to reply to this request, the CPP, won the elections according to the preliminary results with an overwhelming

73% of all votes, good for 90 seats at the National Assembly out of a total of 123. More than enough seats to continue this time without Funcinpec, which has been reduced to two seats only, as a new one party government. The CPP does not even need the 2006 change of the Cambodian Constitution to a 50 plus 1 percent majority formula system instead of a two thirds. Civil society therefore now has to hold on to a statement one CPP lawmaker earlier made to media that “the CPP will pass the law in the first year of the fourth mandate”. Corrupt activities in the fishery business are this month’s highlight on page 2.


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