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SaatSaam” or “Corruption- Free Cambodia” Website in both Khmer and English has been initiated by Open Forum of Cambodia, representing the Coalition of Civil Society Organization Against Corruption (CoCSOAC), and funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Pact-Cambodia. The “Corruption- Free Cambodia” Website is an online library which stores information and documents relating to corruption, including images, videos, audios, diagrams, blog, etc. in an attempt to:

  • Disseminate and raise awareness of the impacts of corruption to people 
  • Provide possibility to people to access information so as to increase their understanding of the corruption issues in Cambodia
  • Encourage participation of government institutions, national and international NGOs, civil society, private companies, and other media channels to provide and share corruption-related information and documents
  • Encourage open discussions and provide an opportunity for the people to express their thoughts and opinions through electronic mailing, aimed at alleviating corruption and promoting transparency.


The website, in short, is the important means to pave the way for the people, an information source to provide knowledge about the impacts of corruption, and an opportunity to all interested people to participate in the struggle to alleviate corruption and promote integrity.

The task force of the website will seek collaboration with national and international NGOs, media institutions, development organizations, research institutions, private institutions, and government institutions, to collect, organize and post regularly the updated information and documents on the website so as to give spiritual support to the readers.

Corruption - Free Cambodia” or “SaatSaam” website is the web portal established in the purpose to educate, disseminate, raise public awareness on the impact of corruption and provide people opportunities to express their willingness and opinion through blog (e-discussion) to alleviate corruption and promote cleanliness. The web portal is comprised of news articles, reports, documents, images, audios, videos, diagrams, blog (expression of personal opinions), etc which maintain the original contents and specify clearly the sources. All information uploaded on the SaatSaam web portal contribute by the coalition of civil society organization against corruption and stakeholders. The use of the web portal, please follow the Terms of use.

Terms of Use:

1. The use for personal, study, research and non-business purposes not necessary to identify or asking for permission from owner of original sources.

2. The use or re-dissemination or re-publish of any part(s) or completed version of the news articles, documents, images, audios, videos, diagrams, etc must be specified the original sources or asked for permission from owner of original sources.

3. Must maintain the identity or any symbol in news articles, documents, images, audios, videos, diagrams, etc. uploaded in website.

4. Not allow to use in the purpose of illegal or any violation of the copyright and other relevant rights.

5. The extractions of articles authored by web portal team must be referred to the “SaatSaam” website.

6. The article or expression of personal opinion not reflected to the aims of or affects to the “SaatSaam” website, the team is authorized to delete or remove from the website.

SaatSaam” or "Corruption- Free Cambodia" Website is a one-stop online library storing corruption-related data, news and documents such as images, videos, audio, diagrams, blog, etc., provided by national and international NGOs, media institutions, development organizations, research institutions, private companies, government institutions, etc. Hence, the task force of "Corruption- Free Cambodia" website may not be capable of scrutinizing all information posted. We, therefore, are not responsible for:

  • Any news, events, visions, opinions, speeches, recommendations, and documents posted onto this website, since they are the property and opinions of the relavant institutions or organizations i.e. there are both in-depth and superficial, accurate and inaccurate, new and old information and information that is linked to other websites.
  • The use of the website for illegal purposes or the use that affects the right of the information providers.
  • Any irregularities on the website which may result in change of the data and/or content. In this case the data and content may be re-made or re-organized.
  • Any damages of computer software, caused by viruses, irregularities, errors, deletion, disruption, cancellation, delay in operating or transferring data, unevenly technical process, and other problems when users visit the website.


"Corruption- Free Cambodia" website does not guarantee that the website will meet users’ needs and run regularly. Sometimes, the website may be temporally down due to technical problems or problems with the server.

We encourage disseminating or share the information uploaded in the website, but please adhere to the above terms of use.

For further information, please visit our contact us page.


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