No.08, July 2008
Tuesday, 08 July 2008 , Written by « Pact Cambodia »   


 As Cambodia prepares to vote on July 27, the number of corruption stories directly related to the national election sharply increased. The majority of these stories covered general statements such as an opposition party claiming that if they win the election they will take steps to end corruption. Other stories focused on possible corruption

in preparations for the election, with the transparency of the National Election Committee (NEC) receiving frequent and harsh criticism. Media supportive to the ruling party clearly have another point of view, explaining that the massive defection of Sam Rainsy members to the CPP is because of corruption within the SRP. The ongoing request of civil society groups to accept the will of over one million adults that have signed a petition urging the Government to adopt the anti-corruption law as soon as possible continued to draw media attention in June. Media reports on the involvement of the army in corruption is this month’s highlight on page 2.


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