CISA Projects 2019-2020
Wednesday, 31 July 2019 , Written by « Mr Him Yun »   

The Coalition for Integrity and Social Accountability is implementing the projects as below:


 funded by   through 

1-    Commune Level Organized Service and Engagement Gender Advancement Project (CLOSE-GAP).

The project is funded by USAID through SILAKA. The project is running from February 01, 2019 – September 30, 2020.


Overall Goal:

-       To promote gender equality in decision-making at the sub-national level by focusing on the commune level in Tbong Khmum province, Cambodia.


 Project Objectives:


a.     To strengthen functionality of the Commune Committee for women and children through Community Facilitators (CFs) and youth groups, taking leadership steps to advocate for their respective communities, particularly women and girls;

b.     To strengthen networking and linkages of women in bringing women’s voices forward to be heard by policy makers and leaders of technical departments and ministries at the local, national, and regional level;

c.     To provide strategic and objective data for the implementation of the decentralization policy and guidance for other development partners and women activists to advocate for policy change at the national and sub-national level.



funded by    through 



1-    Implementation Social Accountability Framework (I-SAF)

The project is funded by the European Union through World Vision International, Cambodia. 


Project Impacts: Strengthen and expand the demand side of social accountability in the sub-national democratic development reform process to improve public service delivery in Cambodia.


Specific Objectives:

SO1: For Citizens to have improved knowledge of and utilize I4Cs including standard, rights, budget and performance information.


SO2:  Improved performance and budget of citizen prioritized public services.


SO3:  Improved CAFs, local CSOs (including TPs) and SNAs capacity and learning for quality SAF implementation.


Project Target groups: The project is implemented in 10 communes of Treang district, Takeo province. The project is focusing on 3 public services on commune administration, health center and primary schools. There are 40 community accountability facilitators (CAFs) and 50% are women.


Project activities:

-       I-SAF inception meetings

-       CAFs capacity building

-       Information for Citizens (I4Cs)

-       Community score card on the above 3 sectors

-       Self- Assessment

-       Interface meeting_ Join Accountability Action Plan (JAAP)

-       Join Accountability Action Plan Committee (JAAPC)

-       Integrate JAAPs’ Action into Commune Investment Program (CIP)

-       Integrate JAAPs’ Action into District Integration Workshop (DIW)

-       JAAP dissemination at communes level        

-       JAAP quarterly follow up meeting

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