Collaboration from Commune Councils in Implementing I-SAF in Teun Commune
Wednesday, 06 February 2019 | CISA

Mr. Teun LaingKhun, 61, of the Kreong ethnic minority, is Commune Chief in Teun Commune, Koun Moum district. He said that Teun Commune has collaborated in implementing the I-SAF project from January 2016 with the National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development (NCDD) and from June 2016 with the Coalition for Integrity and Social Accountability (CISA).  
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CISA Annual Report 2018
Tuesday, 05 February 2019 , Written by « CISA »   

CISA’s 3 projects for 2018 were as follows:

1-         Implement the Social Accountability Framework (I-SAF)

2-         Youth Participation in Democratic Election 

      3-         Better health, water sanitation and hygiene at target primary schools. 

 The intention of this report is to analyse CISA’s efforts in the three target projects of 2018. The report looks to highlight the project’s methods and execution as well as the conclusions we can draw from them. The report will also reflect on some important lessons learnt throughout 2018, as well as some potential solutions that could be implemented in the future.   

Download the report here:

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