No.07, June 2008
Thursday, 19 June 2008 , Written by « Pact Cambodia »   


 An interesting highlight of this month’s corruption-story media monitoring was that for the first time there was a wide range of stories on corruption in the media itself. The stream of publications was triggered by World Press Freedom Day on May 3 and a report released by the local human rights organization Licadho on May 2. Where media themselves focused on limitations in press freedom in Cambodia making it difficult to cover a sensitive topic as corruption, the Licadho report pointed out that there’s also corruption among Cambodian journalists themselves. One finding stated that no less than a quarter of the journalists admitted accepting bribes for covering stories. Corruption & Media is therefore this month’s highlight on page 2. Another highlight in May was the delivery of nearly 1.1 million signatures of ordinary Cambodians to the National Assembly, requesting the prompt adoption of the nation’s draft anti-corruption law.


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