About CISA


The Coalition for Integrity and Social Accountability (CISA) is a leading NGO committed to promoting accountability, transparency, integrity, equality and justice. CISA has been operating since 2005 as an informal coalition of dedicated citizens and registered as an NGO in Cambodia on March 31, 2010.

Vision: We wish to see a Cambodian society with more accountability, transparency, integrity, equality, and justice to enable people to live harmoniously.

Mission: Our mission is to work together to fight, prevent and eliminate all forms of corruption in Cambodia through capacity building, education, communication and advocacy to bring about effective governance in Cambodia.  

Goal: To promote accountability, transparency, integrity, equality and justice in Cambodia.


CISA has the following objectives:

  •  To educate the public about the impact of corruption, the importance of accountability and transparency, and provide awareness of the availability of legal tools to empower individuals.
  • To cooperate between our network and other coalitions both nationally and internationally to monitor and encourage legal amendments to the existing anti-corruption legislative regime as well as encouraging law enforcement bodies to address corruption effectively.
  • To provide opportunities to share ideas, strengthen solidarity, and formulate an integrated strategy for civil society organizations and other activists to promote good governance in Cambodia. 


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