Commune Database a reliable tool for tracking poverty and MDG progress in Cambodia
Monday, 28 September 2009 , Written by « UNDP »   

PHNOM PENH, 28 SEPTEMBER 2009: Cambodia has made steady progress in the past decade towards reducing poverty by promoting economic growth and implementing a wide range of reforms. But more updated and reliable data, especially from the sub-national level, can help further improve the monitoring of poverty reduction – the number one issue underlying the Cambodia Millennium Development Goals, (CMDGs). 

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But new data that has emerged from the national Commune Database, a system designed to gather statistical information to assist sub-national planning, has also enabled authorities to track Cambodia’s progress towards some MDGs.

“It represents a precious source for CMDG monitoring at the national and sub-national levels. Many variables are linked to Goals and Targets as identified in the National Strategic Development Plan. The National Strategic Development Plan, as a milestone document for policy-making, has set out the Cambodian Millennium Development Plans which emerged from an inclusive consultation process,” UNDP Deputy Country Director Sophie Baranes said.

To release the latest findings on progress towards MDGs and to explore ways to streamline the database to better monitor and track poverty and CMDGs at the local levels, the Ministry of Planning and the National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development (NCDD) under the Ministry of Interior organized an information and advocacy seminar on the Commune Database and CMDGs monitoring on Monday.

The database includes a range of information collected at the village level including invaluable statistics on socio-economic trends, disaggregated for gender, age, and ethnic/religious minorities. The annually updated database can analyze poverty trends over time and reliably estimate poverty headcounts. It now offers a ready to use, reliable and highly cost-effective option to explore and track CMDG goals and sub-goals.

“To effectively reduce poverty, information and the sources of information related to real livelihoods of the local people are indispensable. The Commune/Sangkat Database (CDB) has been established in response to the needs of the communes and sangkats – by and for the communes and sangkats – in order for them to make meaningful decisions for their annual development and investment planning,” H.E. Chhay Than, Senior Minister and Minister of Planning, said in an opening speech at the seminar.

Representatives of line ministries, UN Agencies, and development partners attended the seminar. They also received an update on the progress of CMDGs and on what areas that are lacking behind in progress and requiring a better alignment of their programmes to assist Cambodia in its efforts to reduce poverty.

The seminar was supported by UNDP, which is currently assisting the Ministry of Planning in CMDG related information collection, compilation and publications, and the Ministry of Interior in implementing democratic development through decentralization and deconcentration.

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Source: United Nations Development Programme. 

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