Accountability and Human Resource Management in Decentralised Cambodia
Monday, 15 June 2009 , Written by « CDRI »   

Executive Summary

 This study addresses accountability and human resource management (HRM) in the Cambodian civil service. The paper aims to understand the current situation and major issues that affect HRM accountability, especially sub-national accountability, and to draw out the implications for Cambodia’s future decentralisation and deconcentration (D&D) reforms. The goal of D&D is to bring government closer to the people, so that it can be responsive to the needs of the poor. D&D aims to achieve this by providing sub-national governments with adequate resources and, in particular, with good and capable civil servants who are accountable, motivated and committed, loyal and professional and responsive regarding service delivery for the poor. However, achieving both accountability and better outcomes for the poor is a complex problem and requires understanding of its key dimensions and effective engagement to promote and strengthen sub-national accountability. That understanding is what this paper, alongside the other papers emerging from this study, aims to build.    

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