Annual Report Transparency International 2000
Sunday, 19 April 2009 , Written by « Transparency International »   

 As TI’s global coalition gathers strength, corruption continues to gain high priority in the global agenda. It has acquired central focus in countries in transition, where it has been identified as a serious impediment to development. From Central Asia through Eastern Europe, and throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America – a dual transition is taking place from authoritarian political systems towards democracy, and from centrally planned economies towards market economies.

Experience shows that there is an increase in opportunities for corruption during the process of transition. Many strategic decisions still need to be taken by the state with regard to the pace of privatisation and deregulation. Opportunities to grant favours abound involving grant of licences, grants of valuable public land and natural resources, and the award of mega-projects to private investors, domestic and foreign, in areas previously reserved to the public sector such as power, telecommunications, transportation and physical infrastructure. Political transitions involve elections.

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