Annual Report Transparency International 1999
Thursday, 09 April 2009 , Written by « Transparency International »   

 Upon my election as president of Nigeria, I have had to resign the Chairmanship of the Transparency International Advisory Council. My involvement with TI was indeed a great and wonderful opportunity to assist in fashioning an enduring framework for tackling with vigour the often time corrosive, deleterious and debilitating scourge that corruption has become. It was without doubt a fulfilling time to have fellowshipped with TI supporters in the promotion of a culture of integrity built on transparency, openness and accountability in governance. For us in the developing world it was indeed a welcome relief and a pointer to greater possibilities in our multifarious struggle to find enduring solutions to our various developmental challenges. Let me also commend the energy, enthusiasm and tireless devotion with which the tasks of propagating TI across the globe has been pursued. Looking back at its rather short existence, it is amazing to note the magnitude and vastness of its spread. The bush fire like spread is an attestation to the timeliness, relevance and quality of TI.

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