No.14, January 2009
Tuesday, 03 February 2009 , Written by « Pact Cambodia »   


 December began with International Anti-Corruption Day and this proved to be well-known in Cambodia. Many saw it as an excellent opportunity to urge the government once again to pass the anti-corruption law, which necessity first was acknowledged in 1994. Fifteen years later the government sounds very determined to pass the law in 2009, though opposition and some NGO’s remain skeptical. This final month of 2008 proved also to be an excellent moment to put Cambodia’s corruption cases for once in a global perspective, with several local media reports covering international corruption scandals. Such as the 50 billion US Dollar fraud committed by the prominent businessman and philanthropist Bernard Madoff in the United States, about a hundred times the amount Cambodia is estimated to lose annually due to corruption. This story and other corruption cases around the globe are highlighted on page 2 of this issue.


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