No.06, May 2008
Sunday, 11 May 2008 , Written by « Pact Cambodia »   



 We are halfway through the yearlong survey on corruption reporting in the media and at this point eight percent of all relevant stories mention “extortion” as being the corruption offence. This is a fairly low percentage, since surveys on the impact of corruption on Cambodians show a wide variety of bribes that need to be regularly paid that could easily be classified as extortion, such as the daily petty fees children have to bring for their teachers in order to be taught or even to be allowed into class. But these kind of corrupt acts are seldom described as extortion by reporters – in fact, such stories are rarely covered at all, being so common that they are not considered newsworthy. Page 2 gives an overview of extortion stories in April. For the first time this issue also features a story not related to corruption within Cambodia. Malaysia’s plans to strengthen its anticorruption body by making it more independent is worth noting in the context of Cambodia’s much anticipated draft Law on Anti-Corruption.


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