No.03, February 2008
Sunday, 11 May 2008 , Written by « Pact Cambodia »   


The first quarter of this year-long survey monitoring corruption-related stories is already over. Nearly 2,000 corruptionrelatedstories have been published or broadcast during this period in five newspapers and four radio programs. Since corruption is a criminal act, one would expect that a substantial part of all these stories would be related to the court: however, less than 10 percent are. Eliminating corruption stories which took place outside Cambodia, and oft repeated stories related to corruption in the recruitment of Khmer Rouge Tribunal (ECCC) staff, Cambodian courts are involved in less than 5 percent of all stories. It is rare when Cambodian courts are presented in a positive context. The vast majority of stories accuse the court itself in one way or the other of general corruption, and specific judges, prosecutors, clerks of collusion and/or extortion. Samples of court stories are presented on page 2.


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