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Widow urges arrest of killers of Cambodian opposition journalist
Sunday, 13 July 2008 , Written by « The Associated Press »   
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia: The widow of a slain Cambodian opposition journalist urged officials Sunday to find his killers as she cremated his body and that of her son.

Khem Sambo, 47, and his 21-year-old son died after they were gunned down in a drive-by shooting Friday.
Khem Sambo reported on corruption and other social ills under the rule of Prime Minister Hun Sen for the opposition newspaper Moneaseka Khmer.

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Farmers turn back to oxen as fuel price rises
Thursday, 10 July 2008 , Written by « IRIN »   
The soaring price of fuel, fertilizer and food is a common complaint of Cambodian farmers, but spiraling inflation is creating newer and tougher challenges, especially for rural communities.
NGOs to monitor national budget
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 , Written by « Touch Yuthea »   
A committee has been formed by NGOs and associations including the NGO Forum on Cambodia, the Economic Institute of Cambodia (EIC) and the Center for Social Development, to closely monitor government revenues and expenditures.
Ten parties promise to adopt anti-corruption law
Tuesday, 08 July 2008 , Written by « Ly Menghour »   
Ten political parties have vowed to adopt the Anti-corruption law within six months after the new government is formed following the July 27 national election. Only the ruling Cambodian people’s Party (CPP) has declined to make such a promise.
Political forum to Check Commtment to anti-corruption bill
Sunday, 06 July 2008 , Written by « Ly Menghour »   

A political forum on the ant-corruption law and law enforcement procedures is to be held at World Vision’s Phnom Penh headquarters tomorrow.

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